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             The Playgroup

nursery school in English for 1 to 3 year olds


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Our School

What We’re All About

The Playgroup is a nursery school for very small children. Our priority is the well being of the children we care for, we work as a team with the families to create an environment that can become a "home away from home" for our little friends. We help them reach amazing goals, from being able to stand and walk to being able to communicate and to make very good friends!
The only language spoken at the Playgroup is English, to both English and non English speaking children. We are inspired by Maurice Grammont's method called "one person one language".

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What we do

Unstructured play time

The kids have time to decide what they want to play with, they can use blocks and legos to build towers and houses, they can play pretend in the little kitchen and baby room, or pick a book and sit comfortably on the carpet. We believe that unstructured play time is essential to any child's development, it gives him the tools to learn how to make decision, respect the others and enjoy his or her time alone or in a small group.


Structured activities

Every day we take some time to engage the kids in some structured activities we believe help the kids work on some new skills, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, as well as learning to wait for their turn!

Playing outside!

We go outside as often as we can, our little garden in equipped with a cozy wooden house where the children usually gather in small groups, a balancing wooden bridge, to try out some new games and bikes and tools for them to play pretend games!
Our favorite activities outside are: tending to the vegetable patch and watch cucumbers and tomatoes grow and coloring the school walls with chalks!


Our field trips

Every year we love to have two or more field trips, and it's one of our favorite things to do! We usually go to a farm with all the families and we spend the day watching the animals and experimenting all that life in the farm can offer to a little toddler!
The class of the older children has an extra field trip every year, as a special treat to the kids and the teachers! Parents are usually not invited and we get to experience all that Florence has to offer, be it the firefighter house or a museum right next to Ponte Vecchio, we always try to do something that we all can enjoy!

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Contact Us

Via del Pellegrino, 26, 50139 Firenze FI, Italy

345 839 7164

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